The UK’s leading automotive magazine pitched eight premium winter tyres against one another in 14 intensive tests on snow, wet and dry as well as noise and rolling resistance. It was an impressive debut for the Goodyear UltraGrip Performance Gen-1, with it performing particularly well in Snow Tracton, Circle and Handling as well as Curved Aquaplaning.   

Commenting on the overall performance of the tyre, Kim Adams from Auto Express reported that it was an “Impressive debut in our Winter Tyre Test from a great all-round performer.”

Tyre test wins can be an important and influential factor in the decision making process for tyres, so it’s great that Auto Express continue to take tyre testing so seriously.  Whilst we would love to test all the Winter Tyres for ourselves at “White Hell” in Finland, our budgets don’t quite stretch to that so independent tyres tests like these give garages like ourselves an independent view of the market place and which tyres are best for our customers.

If you want to keep moving this winter whatever the weather, please call in and we can advise you on what the best tyres would be for you.  They may not be as expensive as you think, and will inevitably take away a lot of worry should you wake up one morning to a covering of snow or frost.

We stock a range of winter and snow tyres, and can order in pretty much any tyre or size for next day delivery.  Nonetheless, we would recommend getting them sorted soon to ensure availability and to allow you to take full advantage of them all winter.

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As you would expect, the most common reasons for MOT failure are major safety issues such as unsafe tyres and worn brake pads.  However, a report by car guide What Car? has highlighted that some drivers are failing their MOT for more surprising reasons, including the vehicle being excessively dirty or full of rubbish!  These are all legitimate reasons for MOT failure, however they are easily avoidable and can be corrected prior to the test to avoid wasted time and money.

Here’s a checklist to help you avoid some of these little known, yet easily fixable MOT pitfalls:

  1. The vehicle is exceptionally dirty or untidy inside
  2. The numberplate is damaged, dirty or has incorrect font/spacing
  3. The driver's view is obscured by stickers including parking permits & tax disc holders
  4. Any warning light comes on the dashboard when the engine’s turned on

Fortunately, the team at Boro Tyres can help you put any of these aspects right ahead of your MOT test to avoid wasting time and money on re-tests. Click here to read more about the what an MOT is, and when you should have one

So, when your car or van is due its MOT, please get in touch and our friendly team will get you booked in.  With free collection and delivery or use of one of our courtesy cars, sorting out your MOT couldn’t be easier.

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As the leaves begin to turn and the air begins to chill, you may be thinking about savouring the change in season with a trip away with a motorhome or caravan.  To help make sure that your break is not interrupted by any unexpected problems, it is always worth checking that your tyres are in tip top condition and your leisure battery is not going to let you down.

Tyres are the only part of a caravan or trailer that are in contact with the road surface, and therefore their condition will have a direct impact on how the load handles on the road. All aspects of towing, including acceleration, cornering and braking, will be carried out much more safely on tyres that are in good condition.  So here are a few points for you to consider:

  • Are my tyres in good condition and meet the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm

All tyres must meet the minimum tread depth requirement of 1.6mm to ensure they are safe and legal. Driving on tyres with insufficient tread depth increases the risk of a flat tyre, loss of steering control and skidding. Whilst your tyres may have the legal tread, you should also monitor the age of the tyres. According to Bridgestone, after around eight years, most tyres have lost so much suppleness that small cracks become visible and the hard tyres may start to slip on a wet road.

  • Are my tyres correctly inflated?

It is essential that all the tyres fitted to the towing car, caravan, trailer tent or motorhome are all correctly inflated for the applied load. Under inflated tyres are much more likely to suffer from a blowout causing sudden loss of control.  Not only is changing a tyre on the hard shoulder a notoriously dangerous task, any debris left on the carriageway will prove hazardous for other motorists.  As well as providing safety and stability to your load, correctly inflated tyres will also save you money in fuel costs and your tyres will last longer.

  • Do I have a spare wheel that is safe and legal?

You should always carry a compatible spare wheel for your caravan or trailer in addition to the spare wheel for the towing vehicle, and this spare tyre should be included in the safety checks already mentioned. 

If you’re planning a trip away, and are unsure about the condition of your tyres then please pop in or give us a call and we can check them out for you.  We have a range of motorhome and caravan tyres in stock and can order most tyres for next day delivery. We can also MOT test motorhomes and have a year round stock of leisure batteries to meet all your motoring needs. 

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TyreSafe, the UK’s leading tyre safety group, has voiced concerns about the number of dangerous and illegal part-worn tyres being sold to motorists across the UK.

Following its own undercover investigation which sourced 50 part-worn tyres from online and high street retailers, TyreSafe found that more than a third of part-worns sold had illegal repairs, tears or punctures that had been botched or ignored. Independent tyre expert Ted Foreman, who carried out the inspections, said: “In many cases, these tyres look great. They have loads of tread and could fool you into thinking they’re a bargain. “But when you buy them, you inherit their dodgy history – every time they ran up a kerb, every accident, every time the owner drove on them under-inflated.”

Furthermore, a study by TyreSafe found that not only were new tyres safer, they also offered better value as the cost per usable mm of tread for part-worn tyres was £6.33 whereas the equivalent cost for a new tyre was 16 per cent less, at just £5.32 per mm.

Scarborough Athletic are looking to move up through the gears next season with the support of Boro Tyres!

Scarborough Athletic Director Geoff Osguthorpe said With the 2015-16 season just around the corner and fans starting to plan their trips around the country to support the club, there is no better place to get your vehicle checked out than at Boro Tyres to make sure it is performing at its Boro best!

We are delighted to be able to offer a 10% discount to Boro Joint Owners on production of proof of valid membership.

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