As you would expect, the most common reasons for MOT failure are major safety issues such as unsafe tyres and worn brake pads.  However, a report by car guide What Car? has highlighted that some drivers are failing their MOT for more surprising reasons, including the vehicle being excessively dirty or full of rubbish!  These are all legitimate reasons for MOT failure, however they are easily avoidable and can be corrected prior to the test to avoid wasted time and money.

Here’s a checklist to help you avoid some of these little known, yet easily fixable MOT pitfalls:

  1. The vehicle is exceptionally dirty or untidy inside
  2. The numberplate is damaged, dirty or has incorrect font/spacing
  3. The driver's view is obscured by stickers including parking permits & tax disc holders
  4. Any warning light comes on the dashboard when the engine’s turned on

Fortunately, the team at Boro Tyres can help you put any of these aspects right ahead of your MOT test to avoid wasting time and money on re-tests. Click here to read more about the what an MOT is, and when you should have one

So, when your car or van is due its MOT, please get in touch and our friendly team will get you booked in.  With free collection and delivery or use of one of our courtesy cars, sorting out your MOT couldn’t be easier.

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